How Is TeaTech Superior?

  • TeaTech's Green Tea extract is the only green tea made from fresh-picked green tea leaves and a cold-water extraction process - no chemicals, alcohols or organic solvents used
  • Contains a higher content of naturally occurring antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients found in green tea
  • 300mg polyphenols (flavonoid antioxidants) per serving = 8 cups of brewed green tea
  • Naturally low in caffeine (30-40mg per serving) - 50% less than most coffees
  • Great natural fresh green tea taste and color - no artificial flavors, colors and preservatives
  • Sugar Free, Calorie Free
  • Great hot or cold, just add water - no brewing
  • Convenient instant formula eliminates brewing time and the bitter taste of incorrectly brewed tea

Green Tea Nutrients

Due to the unique extraction process using only fresh-picked green tea leaves and cold water, TeaTech green tea extracts contain higher contents of naturally existing nutrients in green tea leaves.

  • Polyphenols – Each serving of TeaTech instant green tea products provides 300 mg polyphenols. The slight astringent and bitter taste of our green tea products is attributed to the polyphenols.
  • Caffeine – Each serving of TeaTech instant green tea products has 20 – 40 mg caffeine, which is 50% less than an average cup of coffee. TeaTech doesn't offer decaffeinated green tea extracts, simply because of unavoidable contamination of organic solvents and chemicals.
  • L-Theanine – Each serving of TeaTech instant green tea products contains 20 – 40 mg L-Theanine, a very unique amino acid that has shown the ability to promote muscle relaxation and improve good quality sleep.
  • Chlorophyll – TeaTech green tea extract has the highest green tea chlorophyll content (0.5 – 1.0%) compared to green tea extracts made from dry or processed green tea leaves. Chlorophyll is to plants what blood is to humans. Green tea chlorophyll has numerous health benefits, such as liver detoxification, cleaning digestive tract, preventing liver cancer and lowering blood sugar level.
  • Vitamins – TeaTech green tea extract contains naturally existing vitamins found in green tea, such as vitamin C, E, B and A.
  • Fluorine – Fluorine is well known for its preventing effect against dental caries, which naturally exists in green tea. Studies showed that drinking green tea helps reduce dental diseases.
  • Fibers – Because of proprietary cell-broken extraction technology, nano-size particles of green tea fiber are preserved in our green tea extracts, making it very unique from any other commercially available green tea product or extract. This is also why the solution of TeaTech green tea beverage mix is not transparent, which brings you the benefits of natural green tea fiber.