• Ancient Chinese Saying: Better to be deprived of food for three days than tea for one.
  • Antioxidants in, Free Radicals out
  • TeaTech's Teas are 100% Natural plus 100% Chemical Free

Message from Our President

WadeWelcome to TeaTech!

TeaTech's dream of combining modern technologies with ancient Chinese wisdom are being fully realized in our line of unique instant green tea products.

I am very proud of TeaTech's R & D team that is formed of experienced scientists from the pharmaceutical industry here in the United States. Quality and safety are our #1 priority, and we maintain very strict quality control standards for all of our green tea product lines. TeaTech is the first company in the food and beverage industry that placed the actual polyphenol content on the product label because we are proud of our product and confident in the methods used in our production. Our analytical laboratories have the most advanced equipment available in the world today, allowing us to monitor and maintain the best quality control and testing possible. We do real science at TeaTech!

The Company spent three and half years developing its proprietary extraction method using only fresh-picked raw green tea leaves and cold water, filing many patents in both the US and worldwide. Because of its originality and highest possible quality, TeaTech brand instant green tea mixes have already become well recognized by our consumers.

It is our personal pleasure to have Mr. Jackie Chan as spokesperson for our entire line green tea products. Jackie's endorsement boosts TeaTech's visibility and product interest both here in the US and worldwide. I promise you that TeaTech will continue to provide unique green tea products of only the safest and highest quality ingredients, materials and method.

Please come back to visit our website soon where we hope you will always find something new or learn something exciting regarding green tea and your health.

Best wishes to all of you!

Wade W. Xiong