How Is TeaTech Superior?

  • TeaTech's Green Tea extract is the only green tea made from fresh-picked green tea leaves and a cold-water extraction process - no chemicals, alcohols or organic solvents used
  • Contains a higher content of naturally occurring antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients naturally found in green tea
  • 300mg polyphenols (flavonoid antioxidants) per serving = 8 cups of brewed green tea
  • Naturally low in caffeine (30-40mg per serving) - 50% less than most coffees
  • Great natural fresh green tea taste and color - no artificial flavors, colors and preservatives
  • Sugar Free, Calorie Free
  • Great hot or cold, just add water - no brewing
  • Convenient instant formula eliminates brewing time and the bitter taste of incorrectly brewed tea

Why is TeaTech Different?

TeaTech's dream of combining modern technology with ancient Chinese wisdom are being fully realized in its line of proprietary and unique instant green teas. Made from fresh-picked (not dried) green tea leaves and using only cold water in its extraction method, one serving of TeaTech instant green tea provides more than 8 times the antioxidant benefits of most brewed green teas. The natural fresh green tea taste and color is the secret of its refreshing character and deliciousness.

Because of its uniqueness and highest possible quality, TeaTech brand has already become well recognized within the Company's four years of operation. In fact, TeaTech Jackie Chan's XtraGreenTM Tea Beverage Mix won "Best Taste" at the 2005 World Tea Expo held in conjunction with the United States of America Tea Association.


TeaTech sets the specification for each product line to strictly monitor and control the polyphenol content and other items listed in the COA (Certificate of Analysis). But more importantly, TeaTech's instant green tea products are made from our 100% natural fresh green tea extract. Green tea color and green tea taste naturally varies in harvest seasons. The natural green tea color and taste in our products may vary from season to season; however, we make sure that the polyphenol content of every batch meets our strict specifications.

To guarantee the potency of green tea polyphenols during storage, the water residue content in our final products is very low (less than 2%), which means it takes a little more time for the extract in our products dissolve completely.